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If it's unbecoming to you, it should be coming to us.

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If it's unbecoming to you, it should be coming to us...

Veterans Metal Recycling is a scrap metal junk yard that serves as your one-stop destination for all your scrap disposals. From stainless steal to Nickel to Alloy, we handle all your high temp, high corrosive and marine alloys. We also handle new and used surplus electrical, mechanical and HVAC equipment.

what we accept

We are a full-service scrap metal yard who accepts nearly all types of scrap metal. Below are some of the items we accept. For more information feel free to open a chat with us and we’ll answer your questions right away.


Veterans Metal Recycling will help maximize top dollar for your no longer needed assets and scrap metals.

Planning & Strategy

We will come to your industrial site and help with housekeeping needs. We will set-up a good clean scrap metal recycling program which helps you package your material in ready to ship form.


We will maximize dollars by shipping direct loads of material packaged correctly to their proper destinations. Not all material goes to the same place.

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